Fyrtex F floor-mounted ultrasonic devices

Floor-mounted ultrasonic devices

Product features of Fyrtex F

  • Multi-frequency at 25/45 kHz: individually settable frequencies depending on the cleaning job.
    – 25 kHz for rough part cleaning and removing stubborn contaminants like lapping and polishing paste, for example.
    – 45 kHz for cleaning sensitive parts and surfaces from contaminants like oils, drilling emulsions and greases. Also ideal for hard metal and glass surfaces in industrial and artisan environments as well as jewelry manufactures.
  • Sweep-function for optimum sound field distribution and cleaning performance in the entire ultrasonic bath.
  • Switchable Pulse-function increases the peak ultrasonic performance output. This uprating makes it possible to remove even the most stubborn contaminants.
  • Mobile single-tank devices of 8 sizes. Dynamic-function: The Sweep- and Pulse-functions run alternately on an automatic basis. The ultrasonic performance is temporarily increased by up to 20%. At the same time, the even ultrasonic sound field distribution in the ultrasonic bath enhances the cleaning effect.
  • Short heating times due to the high heating capacity with temperature regulation (30 – 80°C)
  • High user safety with automatic safety shutdown.
  • Easy to service due to quick changing of the generator and operator control unit. This means that the devices are ready for use again very quickly and are highly available for users.

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Product description

Robust and strong single tank devices with multi-frequency technology

Fyrtex F floor-mounted ultrasonic devices are designed for use in a production environment, workshops and servicing. The wide range of features makes it easy and effective to work with these devices. You can easily remove even stubborn contaminants, like polishing pastes, at 25 kHz. At 45 kHz, you can gently clean and degrease sensitive surface materials. Using the switchable Sweep-, Pulse- and Dynamic-functions, you can achieve even more effective cleaning results. All functions and cleaning parameters like time and heating preselection and ultrasonic frequency are arranged user-friendly on the control panel on the front of the device where users can set and monitor them at a glance.

Fyrtex F devices are rated for continuous operation under the highest operational demands. The tanks are made of special stainless steel, which makes them robust with a long service life. In single-shift operation, they are guaranteed a warranty period of three years. To receive a quotation, contact us or click on the “Request a quote” button.

For more information, download the Fyrtex F product guide.

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Product guide

For more information, download the Fyrtex F product guide.

Product guide Fyrtex f


Fyrtex F accessoires
Fyrtex F accessoires